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Barista has been known for a while in Indonesia thus we knew that from the hands of "Barista", whether it is enjoyed or appreciated, coffee is available for everyone. But do you know that "Barista" itself has never been existed as legal formal of profession in our dearest country?

It's all about us

Barista is a professional who works in coffee with certain experiences and qualification to brew coffee and any espresso based beverages while showing expertise, quality and creating culinary sensation then eventually it can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.

Our mission is to provide a community for Baristas dedicated to innovating, sharing, demonstrating best practices in coffee preparation Our vision is to encourage Baritas as the nation’s leading profession in coffee industry

What we do

Barista Guild Indonesia established in 2016, offers members a variety of exceptional educational opportunities, comprises of Barista Foundation Module, BGI Certificate Levels 1 and 2 which will be available throughout the year periodically. Provides access to Regional Barista Competitions and the annual national Barista Championship as well as excellent year-round networking opportunities for members and a venue for refining the industry’s cutting-edge trends in coffee preparation.

Why do we do this

With all the support from you, Barista Guild Indonesia will continue to push the envelope of what’s possible with coffee preparation and service, develop and support Barista focused events in the industry, provide a network for passionate coffee professionals, and be a vital advocate for the future of the Barista as a highly skilled, trained professional career.

Thank you for sharing!